Since moving to South Dakota I have been blessed with some spectacular sunsets. There is something about the wide-open spaces that bring out the beauty in the sunsets.

Years ago, I spent a week in western North Dakota for a J-term class. I spent some time with a pastor who had moved there from the Midwest. He talked affectionately about the glorious sunsets he gets to enjoy. While I was there I saw nice sunsets but cloudy overcast winter days did not leave many options.

From our front yard we have been blessed with beauty. At times while the sun is setting in the west the clouds to the east glow with assorted colors of pink. The west can explode with blazing orange hues. It is common for Jackie and me to stop while on the road to enjoy the beauty God is giving us in the sunsets.

God shows us how much he loves us. We only need to look for God’s handy work.

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