Heating Bills

As I write this the temperature outside is -4 and feels like -6. We are warm in the house with the furnace having just turned off, the fire crackling and a warm dog on my lap. (Dogs are NOT good desktops.) The propane tank is filled, and I do not have to worry if I can afford to have it refilled when it runs low.

Tonight, the homeless shelter is full. We handed out many blankets, hats, and gloves. We were busy at the center today, serving food and hosting homeless people to keep them warm. Coffee was very popular today.

But not everyone who has a home is warm. Many people live in homes that are not designed for a South Dakota winter. In turn to stay warm they must crank up the heat. Propane goes quickly. Space Heaters spin the electric meter. Wood piles shrink quickly.

The center runs an Energy Matching Assistance Fund. We are out of funds. It hurts me and our staff to have to tell people that we cannot help them. We have helped 210 households and over 1000 people. We have given out over $36,000 in funding. But we do not have any more to give. We are currently telling people to check with us again on Friday. I am reminded of the verses from the letter of James, what good is it to send people away telling them to “Stay warm, eat your fill” but to not supply their bodily needs?”

We are hopeful that more funds will arrive in the mail. It is how we shoe people that God Loves them. And so do I.

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