Gumbo, not just for eating.

It can seem like we only have 3 seasons in Pine Ridge. Snow, Dry and Mud, or has they can refer to it here gumbo! Many of the roads we drive on are gravel or dirt. After heavy rain or after a significant snow the dirt turns to sticky mud. And this mud goes everywhere.

It can be an issue when you drive. What looks solid can quickly turn into a slick mess that keeps you from going anywhere. Your tires will quickly spin and spray mud on everything around you. My wife, Jackie, loves to take the road less travelled. And most of the time this is fine. But twice last year she had to be pulled out of mud. I always carry tow straps in my truck.

Our driveway is gravel and the road leading to the house is mostly gravel but this time of year it is wet slick and gumbo-ey. The back windows of our vehicles are caked with dust and mud.

The gumbo sticks to your shoes. And comes off, in your car, on the floor wherever you step. I had to work on a person’s car and kneeling left my pants caked. The dogs track in the mud on their paws. I am constantly cleaning up after them.

Soon the gumbo will dry up and the roads will harden. Of course, that leads to dust blowing everywhere.

God reminds me every day that God love me. God loves you too.

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