Tomorrow I will be preaching at a Lutheran church in Sturgis SD! This is not a normal chance for me to tell others about the center. I am acting as a supply pastor leading the church as a replacement pastor. In this case they are looking for a new pastor, their previous pastor retired.

Bringing the good news of Jesus to people is an awesome opportunity. I LOVE to remind people that Jesus is Love. Jesus sums up the law in to laws. Love God. Love others. When I was at Atonement, I taught 8th grade confirmation to the school kids. One of our topics was the 10 commandments. I would remind them that the commandments helped us, guided us and freed us. The Commandments were not design to take away our fun, they helped us know how to treat each other. The directive of Christ to Love God and Love our neighbors sums up the commandments in 2 commandments.

Tomorrow I will preach on Luke 4 and will remind us of the gospel of Luke who tells us to strive for Justice.

Pointing others to God is showing them, LOVE! And God LOVES YOU! So do I!

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  1. We loved having you Pastor Dan. Thank you for coming to Sturgis!!!

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