Today was a fun day. Yes, it was chaotic and crazy at times but we did good things today.

We had the most staff we have had in a long time. We got things fixed around the place, we packaged diapers, created delicious fettucine alfredo for the 130 kids we serve each week, prepared birthday gifts for January Birthdays, washed load after load of clothes for our homeless guests.

We fed many sandwiches to the homeless in the day shelter and they also enjoyed our left-over fettucine. Showers were taken, cards were played, and coffee was consumed. The PIT (Point in Time) count is occurring and over 100 people were counted in the area.

Thanks to some generous donors we were able to restart the energy matching fund and helped multiple households stay warm.

Artists came by to pick up checks for artwork they sold to the J-Term students. Speaking of J-term artwork was prepped for shipping. A meeting was held with a seminary to discuss a potential May Term.

All of this while a toddler kept us on our feet.

God, I love this place.

God loves you and so do I!

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