How I got here Part 3!

Road Trip!

In August of 2019 Pastor “K” reached out to me asking if I would still consider a call to Pine Ridge. After further discussion we arranged for Jackie and me to visit the center in October. Meanwhile I had a conversation with my new Bishop in the Central States Synod. We discussed the situation I was in and arrange to have a face-to-face meeting at the Fall Theological gathering also in October.

Come October Jackie and I headed west to Pine Ridge. We had come out here on vacation a few years prior, but it was before my first visit to the center. After 1 night at a hotel on the road we arrived at the center. Of course, to get the full effect of the reservation we arrived to snow falling, 8″ in total!

We had a great visit with Pastor Karen, Nicholas, and Lindsay. We discussed ministry here in Pine Ridge and got to know each other. Jackie and I visited many of the places on the reservation that I had visited previously including, Wounded Knee, Thunder Valley, and Red Cloud school. We spent a day in the Black Hills. We talked and prayed about the potential transition.

Upon returning to Missouri, met with Bishop Candea. We discussed my situation and the options I had. I mentioned Pine Ridge and coming opening here. She thought it sounded perfect for me. She supported my desire to change.

In early 2020 I officially submitted the paperwork need to change calls and Pastor Kay informed her Bishop of her desire to move on and offered my name as a potential predecessor. I had a call with Jonathan of the SD Synod office to discuss the position and express my interest.

Then March 2020 occurred. COVID changed the world. And all plans were put on hold as I worked hard to help Atonement move to online worship and address all the changes we faced as a church. And all the things we faced as a family. Pine Ridge was on hold.

More coming soon.

Remember God Loves you and So do I.

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