Today’s Guest Speaker…Pastor Dan

One of the things I enjoy most in my role as director is when I get the chance to speak to groups about the ministry of the center. Today I had the pleasure of speaking to the wonderful people at Community Lutheran Church in Hill City, SD.

I love when I can share all the good things that God is doing in Pine Ridge. I get to share the love I have for the people of Pine Ridge with the people I meet all the while I get to share the Good News of Jesus.

One of the fun things that happens when I visit churches is I never know what I am walking into until I get there. Last year I showed at a church in South Dakota scheduled to give the sermon and learned that the pastor was in the hospital, and I then offered to lead the whole worship. The congregation was very graceful as I stumbled through the worship order. The kids seem to like my made up at the moment children’s message.

But the real thrill is when I can shine light on the darkness in the world. When I can bring awareness to the ugliness that is happening to people today. Too often we want to allow evil to stay in the shadows, to ignore the poor, the hungry, the homeless. My job is to make people aware of these things and encourage them to make a difference in the world around them all the while reminding them that God loves the hungry, homeless, the poor. And that God loves them.

I am happy to travel to speak with groups. I get to tell others about how much God loves them and that I do too.

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