It was a good day

It was a good day. We were able to help 35+ people stay warm, safe, clean and fed. Being a day shelter in conjunction with the work done at the tents at night is one of the ways the center is making a difference. The showers were popular today to the point we ran our oversized water heaters out of hot water.

The day shelter was particularly popular because of the cold and wind that was around. Within minutes of opening the day shelter we went through 4 pots of coffee. In discussing the amount of coffee with Abram he noted that he noticed having the day shelter open cuts down on the amount of drinking the people do. With no alcohol allowed in the center and plenty of hot coffee the guests are staying more sober.

One of the cool things that is happening in the day shelter is we are working with people to help them address any of a number of issues. It is hard for people to get services without the proper ID’s. Additionally, we have been able to help some people go for treatment and help others get medical care. Abram and his team are working hard to help the people have dignity. We are working toward better options as we work hard to keep people safe.

In addition to the shelter, our grant allows us to help people acquire housing. We do require them to work on the solution and take the steps needed to lead to long-term success. We received good news from a landlord about a client and request to take more clients like her.

Tomorrow is another day, and we get to do it over again.

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