Lions, and Tigers and Bears Oh My

Or in my case, Pronghorn’s, Buffalo and Rams. One of the ways I refresh myself is to get into nature. Nature is a thin place for me, a place where I feel close to God. In nice weather I love to walk in the woods.

In September I took a trail in Wind Cave National Park. The trail went through a field to a bluff. Along the way I was able to hear the bison bellowing. At one point I had to change directions because one of the bulls decided to check me out.

What I really like is wandering in the fields and woods and finding a place to sit and take it all in. (You are not lost if you are wandering.) I prefer a place where I can see water. I will sit and take in my surroundings and use all my senses to connect with God. You can feel the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the breeze, hear the wind in the trees and the call of turkeys in the distance. You hear the ripple of water the rustle of the leaves. I can sit and relax. I can connect with God.

Today I drove through Wind Cave and through Custer State Park. While I did not hike today, I pulled over and sat and watched a Bison Bull scratch himself on a post. I was able to enjoy 3 large Big Horn sheep. A herd of Pronghorns surrounded me. And some deer stood chewing as they waited for me to move along.

I connected with God today. I felt the Love of God today. I was reminded that God loves me, and God loves you!

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