Some days I am empty by the end of the day. Today is Friday and I am done. I am emotionally and mentally drained.

Now I want to say that it has been a wonderful week. I told my class this morning that leading the class refreshes me. And it does. But the class on top of everything else wore me out. It happens.

My partner on the homeless shelter, Abram, and I talked as I was heading out the door tonight. He was happy to hear I was taking some time. He has been on the reservation for 7 years and as he said he has seen a lot of people come to the reservation and many of them leave because they are burned out. We often remind each other to practice self-care. We are in it for the long haul.

That said I am planning to not go to the center for the next 5 days. I plan to recharge myself. I plan to spend time with my wife Jackie and go into nature. And perhaps I will get in a nap.

I love others because God loves us.

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