Chief Cook and Bottle washer

One of the reasons I was excited to be called as the director of the center was that I would be able to use my talents and skills in a variety of tasks. I was not coming to do the same old song and dance.

In my life I have worked in a variety of roles. I have been trained in engineering, I have coached, managed people, taught, been a leader, ran my own business, preached, provided pastoral care, etc. I felt that I was being called into a position that would allow me to use a wide range of gifts. And I have.

Today I was reminded of this as I did a wide range of activities. The most important role I have is a child of God and I started the day spending quiet time listening to the voice of God. The job 2 being a good husband to my wife Jackie.

The work day started. Teaching. Class was scheduled to start at 9 but none of my speakers showed. During the start of the session my phone rang with multiple requests. One was for a funeral at Joyner hall. One from an employee saying she had the flu and hope to be back in the morning, I told her to stay home a couple additional days.

I played tour guide for the class until another employee arrived to talk with them. During their presentation, the computer died IT Dan to the rescue. Later I became the webmaster, updating the website with pictures from the artist.

In between I ran to the hall to make sure it was ready for the funeral. Nope it was not. The water had been out for months and was finally turned on yesterday. BUT a pipe broke so I became Plumber Dan replacing a drainpipe and cutting of the leak, Janitor Dan mopped up the floor, Sanitation Dan took the truck to the dump and emptied it.

Back at the center doing some paperwork I became Bookkeeper Dan. A talk with a client led me back to Pastor Dan, then Dishwasher Dan, Barista Dan, Teacher Dan, Delivery Dan went to pick up some donations. Chef Dan briefly to feed some homeless people. Purchasing Dan bought some supplies online.

Chatted with an employee about some issues made me HR Dan.

Time to head home. Oh yeah funeral at Joyner Hall required a brief visit, Pastor Dan. Get there to find an SUV stuck in the mud. Off to pick up some materials and back to become Tow Truck Dan worked to get the SUV out. Failed. Stopped in the building and back to Plumber Dan.

During my visit I asked about the funeral scheduled for tomorrow and I was asked if I could do a prayer service. So, Home I went to clean up and return as Pastor Dan once again. A couple of kids there were board, so Youth Guy Dan involved them in the service. Pastor Dan led the prayer service and spent time working with the family. Then Management Dan arranged to lock up and reopen the building for the family.

Home to once again be with Jackie and to provide a comfy place for dogs to nap. Yup I need a nap.

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