It can be easy to stay busy every day of the week. But I know that it is not healthy for me, my marriage, or my ministry. I need to take time to recharge and reconnect with myself and with my wife.

Today is a nothing day. I need to intentionally take days with no agenda and no plans. I try to ignore my phones, emails, and texts. I almost blew it. I did want to run to the post office to check for mail. When I left the house, I had intended to bring the big van back to the center and take the work truck to the dump.

At the post office I looked over to the center and saw lots of people there. I CHOSE not to switch vehicles and NOT go to the center. I have learned that a simple stop-by would lead to an hour there. NOT a nothing day. I knew I could stay away since I know that the homeless were being taken care of by the staff.

As hard as it is I know I needed today. No grading assignments for J-term. No doing paperwork. No center business.

Instead, I did a couple of projects around the house. I cooked 3 meals for Jackie and me. Breakfast was omelets and bacon. Lunch was homemade stuffed peppers. And Dinner was pasta with spicy sausage. Some quiet time and some movies with Jackie. A brief nap with Star on my lap. Some rest.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we are not worshipping at the Presbyterian Churches. This is because of the rise in COVID on the reservation. Today we went into Spread threat RED on the reservation. Since I have a rare Sunday with no worship Jackie and I plan to go for a drive and perhaps a meal out. The most important part will be time together.

I hope that in the business of your life that you will find some time to spend with the important people in your life. And that you spend some time with God.

Remember, God Loves you and so do I.

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