When it rains, sometimes I feel like to only one with an umbrella,

Today was a busy day. The title of the blog comes from my wife, Jackie. But I am often the one that people turn to for help when something goes wrong. I have joked that some people think of me as a walking ATM.

Today we had a very busy day at the center. I had the joy of leading another J-term class. Pastor Lauren did a wonderful job talking to the students about learning their context and adapting to it. We had a great discussion and ended the week on a high note. The EAMF (Energy Assistance Matching Fund) was remarkably busy. A power outage to start the day reminded all of us how cold it has been outside. We have now helped over 800 people and 175 households.

Nicholas prepared and delivered food and backpacks filled with school supplies to the members of our Kid’s Time program. We had well over twenty-five people in the building to stay warm and to clean up. We require masks to be worn by all people while they are in the building. Hot soup and sandwiches filled many bellies.

I had multiple requests from people for additional assistance. Money for food, smokes etc. Others needed gas money to stay warm, others to get to a doctor’s appointment. The biggest ask was from a fellow pastor who had someone who was going to be kicked out of their apartment today, a single mom with 3 kids who lost their boyfriend who was murdered on Tuesday. We are trying to get her included in the grant coverage but I could not wait for the paperwork to go through so I drove 90 minutes to Rapid City to pay her past due rent so that she and her kids would be safe.

I stopped by my friend’s church which they had converted to a shelter to drop some supplies and encouragement. It is tough to see so much need and not be able to help.

Another family I know is homebound from Covid exposure and quarantining at home. They needed food and basic supplies. Another employee needed to borrow a vehicle for an appointment 30 minutes away.

The hardest part for me is knowing that so much help is needed and knowing that I cannot help everyone. My umbrella is only so big.

It was great to hear a reminder from Pastor Lauren that we are all loved by God.

So, remember that God Loves you and so do I.

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