Learning new things.

One of the joys of leading the center is when I can meet with groups and help them to better understand the Native People. When they learn that what they were taught in school is not the whole story it helps people to grow. We should never stop learning and we should never hold so fast to ideas that we limit learning the truth.

This week we are in the middle of J-Term for seminary students. I get to walk them through the course and help them meet new people, new places and new ideas. We hope to change the perspective they came to us with. We hope to help them see others in a new light. We want them to get to know people before they make decisions about them. This is a small step in helping to reduce racism in their lives and hopefully the lives of the churches that they will serve.

In the meantime, the work of the center continues. Homeless people need support and encouragement. It is cold and people need dignity and a safe place if they are to have a chance to overcome their situation. So long days will continue. But we ARE making a difference. I need to remind myself of this from time to time. The work we do is very hard and emotionally draining. I find myself tired, worn out and discouraged at times. I do find it rewarding and energizing at times.

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