4 years ago in a galaxy quite near…

It was 4 years ago that the journey began. I wrote about that in an earlier post. But I thought of that today when the 2022 J-term class began. J-term is a expression used by seminaries to describe an intensive course for the seminary. We host a cross cultural course focused on our ministry to and with the Lakota people of Pine Ridge.

This year we have 20 students enrolled in our course. Over the next 2 weeks we hope to show these students another side of the Native American Story. The story NOT taught in schools. It was my J-term in 2018 that changed my life and sent me on this journey. I thought of this as Kelly spoke about the Massacre at Wounded Knee. I remember being on the hilltop at the grave site listening to Kelly teach us the story of the massacre. We said prayers, offered tobacco and held our silence listening to Kelly sing a prayer.

If you do not know the story, please, please research it. It is a sad moment in the history of our country. A moment that should NOT be remembered for the Medal of Honors given to the soldiers who shot unarm men, women, and children.

J-term is an important part of my life. The lessons I learned changed me. I hope that they will change the students we are working with this year.

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