Happy New Year

A day off turned into a day of work.

I stopped at the center to check on the staff we had to cover, our being a day shelter for the homeless. I ended up having to stop a couple of people from showering together. You never know what you will deal with.

While I was there, I met with one of my grant employees to discuss some of the people we are trying to rehouse. Not an easy task when there are no homes available locally. We have rehoused 7 families so far and the homeless shelter is being covered by the grant. Our staff provided a hot meal of Goulash for the visitors. Hot coffee was a hit. Multiple people were a little safer today because of what we could do for them. The overall goal is to help people get out of homelessness and move into permanent homes. I will eventually write more about homelessness and its causes on the reservation.

Tonight, the people are able to be safely inside a warm shelter with a meal and a bed. Tonight, it is extremely important. Currently, Accuweather says that it is 20 below!

So once again a day off is overcome with life. We are doing our best to help keep people warm, safe and healthy.

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