Merry Christmas

Christmas 2021.

In a first for me I preached at 2 different churches last night. Both were Episcopalian churches. Holy Cross on the property I live worshiped at 5 pm and I was thrilled to have 40+ people in attendance. In a change of pace we actually had people arrive before worship time. Indian time is a real thing and it is not an insult. We had a wonderful worship and I preached on the You’s in the Luke 2 story. God Loves YOU! The shepherd were the lowest of the low and yet God chose to announce the birth of Christ to the shepherds in the fields.

At 7:00 pm I was up the road at Advent Chapel for a worship. Indian time was in full effect. At 7 no one was at the church. I prepared as I normally would and prepared to wait until 7:30 before I would call it. Shortly there after the people began arriving. We had a great worship. 12 people attended including 5 kids. After worship I was invited to join them for cookies and I was given a ham for Christmas.

Life on the Reservation is different. I have learned a lot during my time here. I hope to use this forum to process what I deal with on a regular basis and to hopefully help you learn about the life on the rez.

Merry Christmas.

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